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The Principal Forerunner

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No stranger to grief . . .

Those red gloves I'm wearing aren't any ordinary pair of gloves. They belonged to my dear sister—my best friend, my ride-or-die. Phyllis passed away suddenly less than 24 hours after collapsing in a Zumba class. The moment the doctor announced, "She's gone," something in me shifted forever. However, when it was time to plan her funeral, I knew how important it was to make sure her story was told well. So, I get it . . .

​I know how important telling your loved one's story is to you.


With decades of experience in writing, editing, and graphic design—and a passion for telling people's stories—I have the skills and heart to help you honor your loved one's life through the printed obituary. I aim to design a beautiful memorial program that speaks to your loved one's unique life. And I do it all with compassion and care. You won't regret entrusting your loved one's story to Forerunners Ink.

~Jennifer Lee, Principal



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